Electric Muscle Stimulation

30 Minute sessions

  • 30 minutes
  • 199 South African rand
  • Gladstone Street

Service Description

The muscles are controlled by small neurological impulses from the brain. This technology creates and imitates these impulses for the required action to stimulate the muscles that need attention. Through the controlled program and technology, specific muscle tone results can be achieved, imitating a gym like work out and assisting greatly in the reduction of cellulite treatment. Similar to normal exercise (the contracting of muscles stimulated by the brain) this technology will contract and relax your muscles in the same fashion; giving you the option to work on a specific part of the body when physical exercise might not be an option for you. Our controlled programs are technologically advanced to vary cycling through the different selectable programs. These programs are designed to effectively stimulate areas of the body correctly, thus giving the correct result. Muscle stimulation is also ideal for physically challenged individuals and those that are in need of physiotherapy for injuries and rehabilitation of muscles.

Contact Details

  • 24 Gladstone Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

    079 987 8481